Dental Implants Offer Stability in Tooth Restoration

At Papillon Dental in Upper Marlboro, MD, we believe in providing our patients with attractive, long-lasting treatments to keep their teeth dental implantshealthy and their smiles beautiful. That's why Dr. Felix Papillon and his staff offer dental implants as a permanent way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants also provide unprecedented stability for the rest of your smile, which, as you'll learn here, has many benefits.

Anatomy of a dental implant

You've likely heard of dental implants, as they continue to gain popularity across the world, but you may not be familiar with how they're made or placed. Your Upper Marlboro cosmetic dentist starts the process by implanting the post in the space where your tooth once was; this is a minor dental surgery that many people compare to a standard cavity filling in terms of time and sensations. After the jawbone has grown back around the post - a process which usually takes between three and six months - Dr. Papillon will attach a small metal abutment that will stick up just above the gum line. This allows the final part of the implant, the porcelain crown, to be attached to the post.

Stability and longevity

Dental implants from your Upper Marlboro dentist are an investment in your entire smile. That's because your natural teeth will eventually shift out of place if a missing tooth is not replaced. However, other tooth restorations like bridges or dentures only fill in the visible space; they can't replace the roots from the missing tooth. Dental implants, however, replicate the entire structure of the tooth, "tricking" the rest of your teeth into thinking that they're a full set. This keeps all of your teeth in their proper place and prevents the jawbone from receding. Best of all, dental implants are designed to be permanent; with proper care, they'll never need to be adjusted or replaced.

If you're ready to talk to Dr. Papillon about dental implants, contact our office in Upper Marlboro, MD and ask to set up a consultation. You'll soon be on your way to a full and beautiful smile!