Root Canal

Root Canal

A root canal is necessary when the pulp or nerve tissue of a tooth is dead or dying.  A root canal entails the removal of the infected nerve tissue in order to preserve the tooth. With the latest technology available, we use a simple approach to understand the condition of the tissue and surrounding bone structure in order to render the appropriate treatment. We pride ourselves in completing your root canal treatment in a single, and painless visit.

The Inside Story

Healthy Tooth.What's inside your teeth? Behind the tough, shiny enamel of the tooth's visible crown lies the sturdy inner tissue called dentin. Dentin is also found behind the cementum that forms the outer layer of the tooth's roots — in fact, it makes up the bulk of the tooth's structure. Similar in many ways to bone tissue, dentin is composed of many tiny tubules which can transmit sensations to nerve cells when it is stimulated.

At the core of the tooth, inside small, branching chambers called the root canals, we find the soft pulp tissue. This consists of nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels which extend into the center of the tooth and exit through canals near the apex (tip) of the tooth's roots. When problems (such as infection and inflammation) develop in the pulp tissue, your first indication of trouble may be tooth sensitivity — or intense pain. In time, as the nerves die, the pain may go away… but the problem won't. In fact, if left untreated, the end result may be tooth loss.

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